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Maria Morevna

There once lived a young tsar named Ivan. He had three sisters who married princes who had appeared in his garden as magic birds to ask for their hands; Marya married the hawk, Olga married the eagle, and Anna married the raven. All of them lived in different kingdoms and Ivan decided to visit them.

On the way Ivan stopped at the palace of the beautiful warrior-princess Marya Morevna. They also fell in love and got married.

One day Marya went to war and forbade him to go into one dark cellar room. But out of curiosity Ivan went into the room, where he found Koshchey the Deathless in iron chains. Ivan felt sorry for him and gave him some water to drink. Koshchey got his power back, broke the chains, flew away and stole Marya Morevna.

Ivan found her and they tried to escape, but Koshchey caught up with them and cut Ivan into small pieces. Ivan's brothers-in-law revived him. Prince Ivan found out that the only way to outrun Koshchey's horse was with a horse from Baba Yaga, who lived beyond the Fire River.

On the way to Baba Yaga's he became very hungry. He wanted to kill nestlings, but the mother bird begged him not to. Then he wanted to take honey from a beehive, but the bees asked him not to destroy it. When he wanted to kill a lioness' cub, the lioness begged him to be kind. Prince Ivan did not hurt anybody.

In gratitude these animals helped him be a herdsman for Baba Yaga's horses for three days, which saved him from Baba Yaga's wrath. Ivan took the wise advice of the bees to take one scruffy small horse and run away from the evil witch. Prince Ivan took good care of the horse and when it became strong he returned to Koshchey's house to take his beloved wife home. Koshchey overtook them, but Ivan's horse vanquished Koshchey. Ivan and Marya Morevna visited his sisters and their husbands and lived happily after that.

Narrative and translation: Copyright 2001. Donna Richardson and Tatyana Stonebarger. Editor: Donna Richardson.

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Item #: 0000101965
Maria Morevna
Palekh-style (1998)
Artist: A. S.
2.75" x 2.25" x 1.00"
Gallery List Price: $ 95.00
Internet Price: $ 75.00

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Item #: 0000100625
Maria Morevna
Palekh (2005)
Artist: Roman Chibisov
3.50" x 2.75" x 1.13"
Gallery List Price: $ 795.00
Internet Price: $ 695.00

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Item #: 0000101585
Maria Morevna (brooch)
Kholui-style (c. 2009)
Artist: K. T.
x 0.13" x 2.00"
Internet Price: $ 25.00

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