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Item #102217

Nicholas II (2017)

from Palekh by Vera Smirnova
15.00" x 18.00"

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This work is a collaborative effort between Vera Smirnova from the village of Palekh, and Anna Garusova from Ivanova, Russia. Smirnova painted the exquisite portrait of Nicholas in the center of the work. Based on an original canvas painting by Ilya Galkin (who was the court artist for the tsar early in the 20th century), Smirnov demonstrates her skill as a miniature painter and truly brings to life Russia's last tsar. The portrait is exact in detail with nuanced toning to facial areas, a feat very hard to do using egg tempera paints and only attempted by the most talented painters in Palekh Sminrova, in fact, has gained a reputation for doing some of the finest miniature portraits in Palekh, including, among others, Vladimir Putin.

Garusova, meanwhile, has created her own masterpiece around the portrait where there is a virtual cornocopia of medals, coins, and other remembrances from Russia and that time peiod. Many of them show Nicholas himself, with and without others next to him. One medal shows him alongside Peter the Great, while another profile image places him next to his wife Alexandra. A few pieces honor bravery and labor, and there are many crowns placed throughout this layout, some adorned with jewels. The total effect is quite stunning and would make a marvelous centerpiece for your living room or study. It all lies within a shadow box wood frame that has some handsome gold lines around the four sides, each corner culminating in distnnctive bearded man in relief. Glass covers the top. The piece is made to hang on the wall. The piece is hanging in our gallery at present and virtually everyone that visits us seems to look at it, often in amazement. A truly classy piece!

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