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Item #0000102212

The Snow Maiden (2018)

from Palekh by Vera Smirnova
3.00" x 4.50" x 0.75"(7.62 x 11.43 x 1.91 cm)
Inspired by the fairytales:
The Snowmaiden

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The Snow Maiden surrenders herself to the rays of the sun which end her short journey in this world. Mizgir, with whom she finally finds true love, falls to his knees. But there is nothing to be done as she heads for a better place, her heart warmed by love, and shared by those around her.

The box was done by Palekh artist Vera Smirnova, who paints the scene with a rare combination of pizzazz amd heartfelt passion. The golden rays of the sun shine brilliantly upon the maiden and seemingly illuminate the pattern in her dress. The figures around her, including the Tsar to the right who is sitting in his throne, also have radiant gold and silver lines which define their clothing and hair. The box has a lovely ornament around the sides. On the bottom the artist painted a garland of gold leaves and flowers. The garland (really an uncoiled wreath) has special significance in the story, too, as the Snow Maiden was able to feel love for the first time at the moment her mother, Faerie Spring, placed a wreath on top of her head.

The box is made out of high quality paper mache and sits flat without legs. It is signed both on the top and bottom with the name of the artist, village, and year. On the bottom, "The Snow Maiden" is also written. In addition to fitting snugly together, the top and bottom half also have a magnets placed invisibly placed under the papier mache and provide an almost magical force to hold the two halves together.

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