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Item #0000102006

Alyonushka and Ivanushka (c.1980)

from Palekh by Fedorova
5.75" x 1.50" x 5.75"(14.61 x 3.81 x 14.61 cm)
Inspired by the fairytales:

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"Do not drink from the goat's hoof, or you will turn into a goatling", warned Alyonushka her brother. But Ivanushka was so thirsty that he didn't heed his sister's warning, and drank the forbidden water. "Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka" is a classic Russian fairy tale about the importance of heeding a wise advice and the possibility of correcting one's mistakes. Alyonushka, depicted here sitting on a fallen tree trunk, looks lovingly and sadly at her brother. Ivanushka, in the shape of a little goat, is standing nearby with a lowered head and a mournful expression. The gray and silver hues of his coat almost merge with the scenery, while Alyonushka's orange, burgundy, and white attire stands out vividly against the deep green and brown shades of her surroundings. The painting is highlighted with strokes of gold throughout, and is adorned by a gold ornament. A more elaborate gold and silver ornament surrounds the box. The box is made from papier mache, sits flat (no legs), and opens without a hinge. The interior is red. Signed with the name of the artist, village, and product number. "Made in USSR" is written on the bottom.

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