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Item #0000101730

The Letter (1991)

from by Margarita Kuzminskaya
x 3.00" x 3.50"
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A woman sits at a desk. It's the 18th century. Her lavish surrounding indicate her high place in society. Billowing curtains frame the woman. One is pulled back to reveal bare trees through the window. Elegant candlesticks adorn the wall and a chair sits at the edge of the piece. The floor is tiled in an intricate tile and a cute dog watches the viewer. The woman is dressed in a ballgown, her hair piled high on her head. The woman has just read a letter which she still clutches in one hand. Her face is turned away from the letter. Even though her face is hidden from the viewer, her despair is apparent. The picture is most likely a scene from Alexander Pushkin's Eugene Onegin. In the story, the character Tatyana has just recieved a letter of proposal from the man she loves, but she has already married another.

The title, artist's name (Margarita V. Kuzminskaya), number (27 of 50), and year (1991) are including on the etching.

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