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Item #0000100336

St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker

4.38" x 5.25" x 0.50"
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Icon depicting St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker, one of the most beloved of Orthodox saints. St. Nicholas's life is an example of holiness, and he is known for his selfless devotion to Christ and to other people, and the wonders he performed, such as multiplying food to save a city from starvation, and calming stormy seas. He is the original "Santa Claus" -- the tradition of the Christmas Stocking comes from a story about St. Nicholas. A family was very poor, so the father decided he would have to send his daughters into the streets to get money. St. Nicholas secretly helped them by throwing stockings filled with gold into their window at night, thus saving them from poverty. Even today, the relics of St. Nicholas exude a fragrant oil, myrrh, and he is one of the most helpful of saints. The image is a quality photo of a beautiful, classic icon, pasted on good fiber-board material. The icon is covered with a gold tone metal oklad that is nicely decorated with intricate patterns. The back--IT107

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