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Item #0000101994

Spring (1995)

from Palekh by A. Yemelyanov
3.25" x 1.00" x 5.00"(8.26 x 2.54 x 12.70 cm)

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Inconspicuous at first glance, this box is captivating when examined closer. The scene is not overwhelmed by color: the most potent color contrast is that of invigorating coral with tranquil, deep green. This, along with fine strokes of gold pervading the painting, creates an elegant ensemble. The work seems to engage with the viewer beyond only the visual sense: one can almost smell the fresh scents exuded by lush greenery, hear the music to which the youth are dancing, and feel the warmth of the bright sun shining from above the tree branches. While filled with traditional elements - the country side scenery, the courtship and festivity, the fishing boat, and the traditional attire - the work is distinctly original in style. Elongated figures, widened limbs, and small, icon-like faces are a signature touch of the Palekh artist A. Yemelyanov. The unique features of his works are immediately recognizable and stand out among the more traditional approaches.
The box is made from high quality papier mache. It sits flat with no legs, has a top hinge and a red interior. The bottom of the box has very light scratching and the lacquer surface is a little grainy on the sides of the lid and in some areas inside the box. Lacquer on the top and sides of the box is in very good condition. The box is decorated with a simple gold ornament around the painting, and a more complex one on the sides. The bottom of the painting is signed with the year, and names of the village, composition, and artist.

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