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Item #0000101033

Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere (2007)

from Palekh by Evgeniya Nebogatova
x 8.50" x 1.50"

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The northern constellations parade through the heavens, wearing the shapes given to them centuries ago. Tiny stars twinkle silver against a night sky of warm, Caribbean blues as their fellows cavort around the tiny Earth. The figures represent constellations visible in the winter. Ursa Minor, the little bear, gives a curious look at Serpens, the snake, as he pads towards the serpent. Serpens glares back with a look indicative of a lack of patience with the bear's antics. Cygnus the swan flies off as Leo Minor, the little lion sneaks up on Ursa Minor. Camelopardalis, the Giraffe, familiar with the tricks of lions, keeps his eyes fixed firmly on Leo Minor, seemingly unaware that Canes Venatici, the hunting dogs, are close at his feet. It looks as though the Lion is in for an unpleasant surprise, as well, as Lacerta, the lizard, hungrily eyes Leo Minor's twitching tail. The sides are adorned with an ornate border of silver and gold, punctuated with oval vignettes featuring still more northern constellations; Corona Borealis, the northern crown; Lyra, the harp; Sagitta, the arrow; Triangulum, the triangle; and Scutum, the shield. This box is made of high quality papier mache and is signed on the lid with the title, artist's name, E. Nebogatova, village, and date of completion. There is no hinge, and the interior is red lacquer. It rests on three oval legs.

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Surface Condition (exterior) Surface Condition (interior/bottom) Box Materials and Soundness Hinge and Lid Placement Signature Total Rating Mother-of-pearl Condition

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