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Item #0000100613

Rusalka (2005)

from Palekh by Evgeniya Nebogatova
7.00" x 5.50" x 5.75"(17.00 x 14.00 x 13.00 cm)
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The unmistakable style of Palekh artist E. Nebogatova unites the Russian folk legend of the Rusalka and Hans Christian Andersen's tale "The Little Mermaid." The story begins on the front of this large casket . The widowed Sea King and his ancient mother watch the young princesses dance and sing. The youngest reaches out to grasp the wreath of flowers her grandmother offers, for it is her 15th birthday, and she is now allowed to visit the surface. Fueled by the stories of her grandmother and older sisters, her curiosity has become nearly unbearable. Behind the sisters sit the shattered remnants of a shipwreck, the shredded sails billowing in the current as though caught by a phantom breeze. The sea witch's forbidding abode lurks in the background, guarded by terrible creatures. The witch herself holds a grinning frog, perhaps the victim of a previous "bargain," foreshadowing the sacrifices the mermaid will make for true love and an immortal soul. On one side, the princess makes her first journey above the waves. She encounters a ship setting out in celebration of the 16th birthday of a prince. She watches the festivities, glimpsing the handsome prince, and falling madly in love. She is so absorbed in the party that she does not notice the sudden storm, which tosses the boat about until it splinters into bits. With no thought for her own safety, she rescues the prince, swimming him to shore, and watching from the surf until he is found by a girl from the nearby convent. She returns home and pines for the prince, making a deal with the sea witch to be with her beloved. She gives up her voice, and endures terrible pain to become human, in hopes of winning his love. If he marries her, she will gain part of his immortal soul, but if not, she will become sea foam. Another box side shows the mermaid arriving at the palace. The prince is enchanted by her grace and beauty as she dances for him. He tells her of his near drowning, and that when he awoke to see the girl from the convent, he fell in love with her. The mermaid is heartbroken, but she cannot speak to tell him that she was his rescuer. He then admits that she has caused him to nearly forget the other girl, and her hope is rekindled. The rear side has the prince's marriage to a foreign princess of his parents' choosing. Alas, it is the girl from the convent, sent there by her parents for education. The mermaid watches helplessly as they are wed. The top has the wedding ship at sea, surrounded by the mermaid's sisters. They have gone to the witch in hopes of saving their sister, but she must kill the prince to save herself. She refuses, and resigns herself to her fate. But a daughter of the air watches from a nearby cloud. By her good and selfless acts, the mermaid has won the chance to gain a soul and enter heaven.

Nebogatova's distinct style lends itself beautifully to the tale, with her characteristic palette of soft blue, ink, and green beautifully evoking the watery setting and magical nature of the tale. Her generous use of gold and silver withing the scene, as well as thick gold borders in a floral motif adds a luxurious feel. Her keen eye fir detail is apparent in the multitude of tiny marvels which, the rusalka of legend, lure the viewer deeper and deeper. The box is made of high quality papier mache, has a hinge, and is signed with the title, artist's name, village, and date. The interior is red lacquer. It stands on four curved feet. A masterfully done box.--BOX1108

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